Symptoms Of Depression In Men – Common Clues

Symptoms Of Depression In Men: Even though both sexes are affected by depression, it is harder to see the symptoms of depression in men. Depression is no longer considered a “woman’s” problem.

Symptoms Of Depression In Men

Nearly 6 million men suffer from depression in the US. However, men are less likely to consider themselves depressed.

While both sexes suffer from the same symptoms men tend to express them differently.

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What Are the Common Symptoms of Depression?

Depression can:

  • 1. Hurt relationships
  • 2. Disrupt work
  • 3. Interfere with daily activities
  • 4. Take away interest in sexual activity
  • 5. Cause chronic fatigue
  • 6. Make you less interested in food
  • 7. Cause insomnia
  • 8. Cause apathy

Women will show signs of feeling worthless and sadness. Men usually become withdrawn or they may show aggression, angry and hostility. Women are able to express to their doctors that they feel depressed, but men will only focus on the physical symptoms and will not admit to feeling depressed.

What Happens if Men Do Not Get Treatment for Depression?

One of the most worst problems for untreated depression is men is suicide. Numbers show that 75% to 80% of all suicides are committed by men. Women may attempt suicide more but men complete suicide more. One reason could be is that women take gentler measures to commit suicide, such as taking an overdose, while men tend to take more violent measures.

Depression is Hard for Men to Accept

Our society tends to make men feel as though they always have to be the strong one, they are the providers, and they should be tough not weak. This is one reason why men do not want to admit they have a problem. They don’t want that stigma of being considered weak or less of a man. So instead of admitting they have a problem they cover it up by drinking, taking drugs, doing risky things, and keeping it all to themselves.

As Men Age the Chance of Them Becoming Depressed Increases

Retirement can be very difficult for men. They lose their routine and sometimes they lose their sense of purpose. They may also suffer from medical problems. One of the hardest things is when they start losing friends and family. Sometimes the medications they are prescribed can also help them feel depressed.

How is Depression Treated?

Symptoms of depression in men can usually be treated successfully with antidepressants. Sometimes it helps to talk to a therapist trained in dealing with depression. Your regular physician can usually prescribe the necessary antidepressant and will be there to monitor progress. This way if things do not improve he/she will be able to try something else until they can find a good combination of medications to help.

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