How to Recognize the Physical,Mental Signs Of An Anxiety Attack

Signs of Anxiety Attack Anxiety Attack : There isn’t a human alive who can claim they have never experienced any symptoms of anxiety and worry whatsoever. It is important to know the difference between normal stress which everyone experiences and clinical anxiety conditions. In order to aid differentiation between the two, we shall take a look at some of the frequently experienced signs, both physical and mental, of an anxiety attack.

One key consideration relating to anxiety attacks is the fact that the signs of one occurring will differ from person to person. This means that everyone’s body reacts to anxiety attacks in a slightly different way. All anxiety attacks share the trait of involving a level of mental fear that far exceeds the healthy response to a given situation, so with this in mind, we will take a look at the emotional side of anxiety attacks.

Emotional Side Of Anxiety Attacks

The predominant trait of clinical anxiety which most if not all sufferers share is a heavily fearful thought process. Some people will have these thoughts about a specific situation or person while other anxiety sufferers have a generalized anxiety which can apply to a wide range of situations. This fearful thought process may take the form of always expecting the worst, picturing a negative outcome to a feared situation and so on.

Some people may dismiss the mental effects of anxiety but in reality they are incredibly debilitating. Someone suffering from severe mental anxiety can find it incredibly difficult to get through the day and perform the tasks that most people would be able to without any problem. The mental effects of anxiety can take a cumulative toll and act in a perpetual way as the fear of anxiety itself may lead to more attacks taking place. For this reason, if mental anxiety is becoming a widespread part of life, it is important for the sufferer to seek professional help.

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The excess level of mental worry experienced by clinically diagnosed anxiety sufferers can also manifest itself in disturbing and upsetting physical symptoms. These can be incredibly severe, sometimes to the point where the person experiencing them may believe they have a physical illness entirely separate from anxiety.

Common signs of illness

Many of the physical anxiety symptoms people experience are common signs of illness. These may include headaches, frequent urination, muscular tension, sweating and upset stomachs. Some of the more severe physical signs of anxiety can include heart palpitations and fainting. Everyone’s body shows anxiety in slightly different ways so each individual needs to learn to recognize their unique signs.

It is important for anxiety sufferers to take the time to learn which symptoms are warnings of a major anxiety attack coming on. Being able to spot early warning signs allows the anxiety sufferer to take measures which help avoid a full on attack taking place. Physical symptoms should be understood as a by-product of anxiety so that the sufferer does not worry about having additional illnesses.

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