Faq – People Most Asked Questions

1. What is the Social Anxiety Disorder treatment…?
Question by fleikenpoo: What is the best way to treat anxiety and panic associated with Social Anxiety Disorder if you don’t want to use benzos? I’ve tried Effexor XR but it doesn’t seem to help.

Answer : I have social anxiety disorder i have been taking effexor and its a piece of crap so dont waste your time and money so then i went on a medication called BuSpar (buspirone) and it helped me greatly i feel more comfortable less rapid movements it seriously helps ask your doctor about it

2. How effective is therapy for social anxiety?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy could help. Take a look at the website to learn more about this therapy.

3. How to Overcome teenage anxiety? Question by Lili :
i’m 16 and i am very quiet in class because i have so much anxiety. it’s not as simple as somebody just telling me to relax and not think about things. it’s a real problem for me.

Answer by Eric :
Im in the same boat as you, only being able to talk to friends you already have and family. So ur not alone.

4. Symptoms of anxiety disorders? Question by Damien:
has anyone ever had heart palpitations with anxiety disorder without even being worried about something? sometimes i feel like maybe im having a little bitty panic attack and thats when i start getting the heart palpitations and the heart beeting fast. but can you have anxiety and panic attack symptoms without being worried?

Answer by amywood872 :
It happens to me all the time. Anixiety is caused by “what if-ing” about something and telling yourself you “could not stand it” if it did. (Example: What if something bad/horrible/terrible/awful happened and if it did, I couldn’t stand it!)
We can stand anything until the point of death.
There are over 600,000 thoughts that go through our minds each day. We are unaware of most of them, which is what causes this “unexplained” anxiety.
Try deep breathing – in through your nose for 5 seconds, out through your mouth for 5 seconds.
It’s sucky, but can be very easily managed in your life.

5. Can anxiety disorders and ocd be fully cured?

I’m not sure if OCD can be cured but I’m not sure either about anxiety. Anxiety is a natural thing and people worry so it’s okay. You should try to calm yourself down if you get worried so quickly. Tell yourself you shouldn’t be worried and everything’s going to be alright.
I have had OCD and the way I stopped that was to just leave it and let go and think about something else. Breathe in and out and count all the way to 10 or more if it helps.

6. Q&A: How to stop my anxiety?
Question by Kat <3: How to stop my anxiety?
first off, I am 13. I left my school and became homeschooled because my anxiety was too much to handle. Then i went to a therapist and then a doctor and now I am on Zoloft.
It has been helping, and I’ve been on it for a month and 1/2.
My parents have decided to sent me back to school. I have friends, I am trying to psych myself up for it, but I still know I’m going to get very jumpy and anxious on the first day.
I start on December 1st.
Does anyone know how I can stop my anxiety? I’ve tried breathing exercises, tea, taking a bath at night, nothing works.

Answer by Missy
Well anxiety is very tricky, and actually very very common. There are many different theories about why people have anxiety including things from life experiences to genetics. But I do want you to know that there is not one single cause and you are not a lone in this. Many many people suffer from this. So what you can do to try and relieve anxiety is to stay calm. I know that seems hard, but I know you can do it. Now, I suggest that you listen to some music, some that makes you laugh and some that can make you cry. Your anxiety is a build up of all this pent up emotional/ environmental baggage. Release it!! I have included some links that may also be helpful. But another very common way to deal with anxiety is understanding you triggers. What sets you off or makes you uncomfortable? Try to identify what it is. If you cannot than still, that is okay. Anxiety disorders are very hard. But a very common approach is to identity it, and then try to associate your triggers with some that brings you pleasure. This will help you to think about things differently…a coping mechanism. I also suggest that you take a notebook with you, and when you feel anxious, excuse yourself to the bathroom and write all what is pent up…get it out. Don’t let it sit inside. I think that you will be just fine. Remember to breathe and remember that everything will be okay. Your doctors and parent would not let you go back if they did not have faith in you. Remember it may be difficult, but be strong and use those methods that I have included in the links below, and do some other research. I wish you all the best. HAVE FUN!! TRY NOT TO WORRY 🙂

7. Question by Julia: Does medication really help treat anxiety?
I have been an anxious mess over the last 2 weeks over wisdom teeth – not knowing if they should be removed or what, and even if they should be – how I’ll get through it. (Huge dental phobia)… I’m exhausted, can’t seem to get through the simplest tasks… Heart palpitations, trembling, sweating, nausea, bowel changes (sorry for the tmi), mind racing, fear of the future, intense feelings of fear, loss of sleep, irritability, shortness of breath, lightheartedness, blurred vision (sometimes), sweating of the feet and hands, etc. basically every symptom of anxiety… You name it. Now I have a really hard time controlling it. I go back to college soon and I don’t know how to handle my fears and anxiety. Does medication help?! I’m literally desperate!

Answer by pointwithinacircle
Of course it does. Feelings are caused by chemical reactions in the brain. Adding new chemicals changes the sensation. (I have also just explained drug addiction to you)
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Chemical changes in the brain can also be created by changing our behavior and/or our thoughts. This is why meditation works and why we have terms like”runners high”. While drugs do work, they are temporary solutions. Learning to change your thoughts and actions is a permanent, long term solution.

8. Q&A: Is this a panic attack? What at home treatments/techniques can help me get through it?
Question by Cogito Ergo Sum: Is this a panic attack? What at home treatments/techniques can help me get through it?
Today is a prime example of an ‘attack’ I’ve been experiencing more often lately. I believe these are related to the recent passing of my Dad and my deployed husband.
Either way at about 7 or so I started breathing irregularly. Just needing to take a deep breath every ten minutes or so. It got worse through the night until about 1030 where I started panicking over not being able to breathe. At that point my face and hands become numb I had to take off all my jewelry that I felt was constricting me (even my rings) and my shirt and put on a very loose top. I called my mom who was able to force me back into a regular pattern.
Either way this doesn’t fit the traditional panic attack so far as I know…. But I think it may be. I was wondering if there was anything I can do at home to help calm myself at the beginning of the attack. Besides breathing exercises which I will be practicing.
Is there a certain type of tea, or over the counter medication or anything that can help? I am desperate.

Answer by L
Sounds like hyperventilation (relaxing and slower deeper breaths) cold cloth on face, sipping cold water,sitting in front of a fan…
Chamomile tea is very very relaxing.

9. What is the best cure for anxiety?
Question by Annyms: What is the best cure for anxiety?
I got anxiety, and a compolsury disorder & I am 15, is anxiety common, and how long do you have it for? Is their treatment?
I am a Christian, please read your Bible, and believe in God.

Answer by D W
HI, I work on crisis team for dept of mental health. I can tell you there is no specific cure for anxiety disorders or panic attacks. you can talk to your pcp and they may prescribe medications for you that can help or recommend or you may want to talk to a psychiatrist they can prescribe medications that could help as well. you mentioned that you are 15 you should talk to your parents too. there are support groups for people who have anxiety issues and panic attacks that might help you as well. but there is no cure, you can treat the symptoms

10. Question by supersongbird: Overcome Anxiety Disorder Naturally?
How can a person overcome anxiety disorder naturally. Meaning, no drugs.

Answer by minx
The leaves from the plant that produces passionfruit, passionflower herb, when made into a tea are exceptionally useful as an antidepressant and is also used to treat nervousness and anxiety, insomnia and nightmares, to alleviate mood swings and as a gentle sedative and relaxant.
The passionflower organic loose leaf variety of the herb encourages the uptake of tryptophan, which is an amino acid that assists deep sleep, as well as maintaining levels of serotonin, which is a hormone that is crucial in regulating mood swings and depression.
Check out this link for a complete list of herbs and their cautions ~ with passionflower it is wise to consult a nutritionally oriented physician or naturopath or herbalist if you are pregnant or breast feeding and not to use on infants or young children.
Any good health food store should be able to supply you with the organic variety of this herb……. only organic will suffice as the commercial and tea bag varieties have had so much of the goodness pulverised from they could never possibly be of any therapeutic use. Also, the spent leaves can generally be reused once more as the essential oils are still so potent in them, so you really do get your money’s worth ♥
Foods rich in Tryptophan do a brilliant of conquering the blues and relieving stress and anxiety i reckon.
Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that’s used by the brain – along with B6, B3, and magesium (known as the antistress mineral) – to produce serotonin (the natural feel good drug), a neurotransmitter that carries messages between the brain and one of the body’s biochemical mechanisms of sleep.
The EFA’s in foods rich in omega 3’s such as cold water fishes like tuna, salmon, sardines and whiting are also essential in this process to nourish the neurons that are receiving the messages from the neurotransmitters. Cold water fishes such as salmon are particularly rich in the EFA’s and will do a brilliant job of levelling out your stress and depression levels and smoothing any mood swings you may have.
Eat more foods rich in all these things ♥
The Doctor doesn’t tell you that when you go complaining of depression & stress and anxiety now does he ………….. he surely should though.
Tryptophan will help induce natural sleep; reduce pain sensitivity; act as a nondrug antidepressant; alleviate migraines; aid in reducing anxiety and tension and help relieve some symptoms of alcohol-related body-chemistry disorders and aid in control of alcoholism.
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Best natural food sources of Tryptophan are; cottage cheese, milk, meat, fish, turkey, bananas, dried dates, peanuts and all protein rich foods.
Best natural food sources for magnesium are: leafy and green vegies, nuts and seeds, cold water fishes such as tuna, sardines, whiting and salmon.
Best natural food sources for niacin are: the white meat of chicken, whole wheat products, roasted peanuts, fish, eggs, avoacadoes, dates, figs and prunes.
Best natural food sources for vitamin B6 are: wheat germ, fish, soybeans, brewer’s yeast, cantaloupe, cabbage, blackstgrap molasses, unmilled rice, eggs, oats, peanuts and walnuts.
By taking a good quality multi B complex supplement including all the B’s ie: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 you will support your body in dealing with the everyday stresses life throws at us. ie: new job, new home, school studies …… the B complex of vitamins is essential for healthy digestive, neural and immune systsem functioning.Don’t, however, buy any of the B complex of vitamins individually, but rather as a whole complex, unless under instructions from a nutritionally oriented physician or naturopath.
Bear in mind also that calcium and vitamin D and vitamin B6 are needed to effectively absorb vitamin B12, part of the B complex of vitamins, so eat more foods rich in calcium and try to get at least 10 – 15 minutes of safe sun exposure on a daily basis…… cold water fishes such as salmon and tuna are rich in both calcium and vitamin D….. vitamin B6 will be included as part of a Bcomplex of vitamins supplement or simply eat more foods rich in B6 ~ wheat germ, brewers yeast, liver, fish, cantaloupe, unmilled rice, eggs & oats♥
The whole food source of tryptophan and all other vitamins, minerals amino acids etc…. will always be the most nutritious and easily assimilable form.
Hope this information helps you a bit.
Take care of you♥