Effective Herbal Remedies For Anxiety – No Side Effect

Herbal Remedies for Anxiety: Did you know that the part protecting our bodies is the brain? Well, it protects us by preparing the body to fight any kind of adversity. Such a response always leads to anxiety.

Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Modern lifestyle is the main reason why anxiety is more popular among us. Because of the stressful lifestyle, more and more people are turning to holistic herbal remedies for anxiety.

While in the anxiety condition, our bodies witness an increased heart rate as breathing enhances and the pupils dilate. This is because of the adrenaline rush within the body.

In ancient times, this condition was common among hunters. However, it has become common among us because of stress and tension, or due to different diseases.

When you experience an anxiety attack for a short time, it may be helpful. But if the condition prolongs, then that’s alarming since it can have some negative effects to the body.

There is a slew of pharmaceutical drugs promising to treat anxiety. Most of them are associated with side effects. That is why some people prefer herbal remedies for anxiety.

So, what are some of the natural ways of reducing (if not completely getting rid of) anxiety?

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Valerian Herb 

This is a reputable herbal drug when it comes to treating people with insomnia. It cures sleeplessness.

Since anxiety is a condition where you do not get much sleep, it is important that you look for something that will have you dozing off. And that’s when Valerian Herb comes in!

This herb is also available as tea or juices. And can be bought from the market. All you have to do is take the herb an hour earlier before going to bed. Valerian ranks high among the best herbal remedies for anxiety.

Exercise and Yoga 

Yogic meditations and physical exercises can greatly reduce stress levels in your body. Both of these techniques are known to really relax and calm the body and mind. Here, every cell of your body feels rejuvenated.

You can also try things like tai chi, self-hypnosis, and simple breathing techniques. These completely overcome stress and tension.


This is a kind of therapy where you bath with concentrated extracts of plant oils. You can also use it during a massage. Aromatherapy is a great anxiety reliever since it soothes the mind, as well as the body.

Some of the popular oils you can use include: Neroli, lavender, eucalyptus, cypress, rose, lemon oil, geranium, and sandalwood.

In Conclusion

Most of these natural, herbal remedies for anxiety have replaced the dangerously perceived allopathic pills. This is for the betterment of mankind.

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